Sunday, April 10, 2011

Plant Seeds and Sing Songs

I'm still here.
The world is still out there, getting more fucked up by the day.

Maybe when I'm not playing in the garden I'll have some time to really update this....I live in a school bus now so I can be closer to The Garden.

All this bad news just messes with my head.
I'd rather just mostly avoid media exposure.
I've got my hands full here, making my life a better life.

Reading about no-till agriculture, planting perennial food crops, and dreaming of the time the rain finally stops for the summer and I can go barefoot and swim in the creek.

Good luck y'all. Looks like more and more doo doo in the fan out there.
I'm just gonna enjoy life while I have the opportunity.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if there is actually more doo doo, or whether I just notice it more. But the moments pile of doo doo is really really high. Certainly a time to be cautious as to what you do lest your doo doo came due:)

    I tend to think of round-up when I think of no-till, but I assume you are talking about the more intensely eco-friendly version.

  2. Indeed. I'm going to experiment with growing various grains/food crops by just throwing the seed into the grassy field, putting the cows on to graze down existing grass, fertilize the field and trample the seed in, then remove cows and see what grows.
    Idea inspired by "One Straw Revolution" by Dr. Fukuoka. He double crops rice (summer) and wheat (winter) using the standing crop's hay to mulch the next crop's seed.
    More research has led to the idea of intense crop rotation on several small plots, using legumes (beans, clover) between grain crops (oats, corn, barley) to add nitrogen and organic matter.
    Will there be weeds? Yes. Can I expect a yield per acre comparable to big Agrobiz? No.

    Can I grow food without fossil fuel?
    I damn sure hope so.

  3. I hope you are coming back some time. You are missed. If you don't want to bother posting, you can always stop over at my place and say hello.